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Welcome to the KeyBank API developer portal. We've created this simple, user-friendly developer portal with you in mind. Enjoy thorough documentation and our suite of API products. KeyBank APIs are designed to elevate your experience and help your software use our services easily and effectively.  

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Explore our site to learn more about KeyBank APIs.
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Use your data with our APIs to test in a certified and secure environment.
Create API sequences and publish your work.

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01Learn more

KeyBank has APIs for payments and account reports. To view documentation for each API, go to API documentation. Each API topic has:

  • Identified endpoints
  • Requirements for the request payload
  • Code examples of the call and response
  • Help for possible errors
  • A downloadable YAML file

Available APIs

API Description
Account Validation Verify an account and its owner.
ACH Origination Make an ACH payment or withdrawal.
ACH Inquiry Get the status of an ACH payment.
Wire Origination Send a wire transfer quickly. 
Wire Inquiry Get the status of a wire payment.
RTP Send Payment Create and send a real-time payment.
Previous Day Reporting Get past transaction activity.
Intraday Reporting Get transaction activity for the current day.
Check Image Retrieval Get a single check image.
Stop Payment Stop an issued payment.

02Get involved

This is a self-service developer portal. Anyone can see essential API content like documents, code examples, error handling, and YAML files. To get more from our API Developer Portal, like access to our APIs to test and build with, you can become a KeyBank API consumer.

Sign up to start the process! 

KeyBank will meet with your company representative or lead developer to discuss your API needs and collect some necessary information. When meeting with the KeyBank onboarding team, they’ll ask about the APIs you want to use, the amount of data that you normally handle, and if you need access to a test environment. They'll also collect information like certificates, IP addresses, and how you plan to use the APIs. All of this helps to configure and secure an API environment tailored to your needs.

03Begin testing

When you have access to KeyBank APIs, you can also try the APIs in a test environment to see how they work before you start integrating with our products. 

As a KeyBank API consumer, you have access to our pre-production environment. This environment is ideal for integration testing because it simulates realistic responses and conditions using real data. You can also perform end-to-end testing to validate your build. For access to the pre-production environment, speak with a KeyBank onboarding specialist to learn more.

04Go live

Connect your application to KeyBank! When you are ready to go live, you can deploy your APIs in a certified production environment. The production environment returns live responses with real data and real money.

Ready to work with KeyBank?

Contact KeyBank to start the process. After setup, you’ll have a user account with access to private keys and test environments. 

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